Today we talk about how to style graphic tees for men. Graphic tees are a total must-have in your wardrobe, giving you loads of options to play around with. They come in different styles, and you can pair up with all sorts of bottoms, and layer up nicely with any outerwear. And with a ton of graphic designs to choose from, you've got a whole world to show off your personal style.

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Graphic tees stand out as a true wardrobe essential, giving you the power to make a statement without saying a word. These versatile pieces not only provide a canvas for artistic expression but also bridge the gap between comfort and style effortlessly. Whether you're channeling laid-back vibes with a vintage graphic or elevating your look with a sleek, modern design, graphic tees are the unsung heroes of self-expression in the world of fashion. After all, it's not just a shirt; it's an extension of you.

What Are Graphic Tees?

So, what's the scoop on graphic tees? These bad boys are your go-to casual shirts, boasting a smorgasbord of designs, images, or patterns either front and center or gracing the back. Picture this: logos, illustrations, or photo prints that are not just a statement but an extension of your personality. And it's not a one-size-fits-all situation – they come in short or long sleeves, typically flaunting that classic crew-neck style.

But here's the kicker – the variety is mind-blowing. From funky, bold prints that scream individuality to subtle, minimalist designs that whisper sophistication, there's a graphic tee out there for everyone. Feeling nostalgic? Vintage-inspired graphics have got your back. Want to showcase your interests? You can find graphic tees dedicated to everything from music and movies to hobbies and fandoms.

The beauty of graphic tees is in their versatility. Just like the MAVRICKS Tee, you can Throw one on, and you've instantly transformed a simple outfit into a canvas of self-expression. Whether you're into vibrant, eye-catching graphics or something more understated, graphic tees are the epitome of wearable art that lets you curate your own style narrative. So, go ahead, let your T-shirt do the talking, and wear your personality on your sleeve – literally!

Getting the Right Fit

You definitely want your graphic tee to feel just right – comfy and stylish. It's all about finding that sweet spot between having enough room to move and a fit that's on point. If you're on the slim side, a fitted tee might be your thing, while a slightly looser fit works great if you're broader. Try out different cuts and styles like regular fit or slim fit to see which ones suit you best.

How To Style Graphic Tees For Men | Tees Hanging | MAVRICKS

Mix and Match with Bottoms: Your Style, Your Way

Casual Vibes

Throw on a men’s graphic tee with shorts or jeans for that easygoing look. Cargo shorts give off a rugged vibe, and hybrid shorts are a solid pick, whether you're hitting the beach or heading out for the night. Want a more modern feel? Match your graphic tee with slim-fit jeans, or go for the chillaxed look with distressed jeans.


Level up your graphic tee game by rocking them with chinos. Slim-fit chinos in neutral tones or high-tide slacks with high-top sneakers or boots – now you're talking sophisticated style.


Track pants and slim-fit joggers go hand-in-hand with bold graphic tees. Keep it basic with gray or black joggers to make your shirt pop, or go all out with a colored pair that matches your tee's graphics.

Layering With Graphic Tees

Jackets or Sweaters

When it gets cooler, layering your graphic tees with jackets or sweaters opens up a whole new wardrobe. Pair them with a workwear or bomber jacket for some edgy vibes, or keep it casual with denim jackets and zip-up hoodies.

Button-Downs or Flannels

If it's not quite jacket weather, throw on a button-down or flannel over your graphic tee. Leave the button-down open and cuff those sleeves three-quarters of the way for a polished look.

The Final Touch: Shoes and Accessories


There are no limits when it comes to choosing kicks for your graphic tee look. Sandals for the beach, sneakers for everyday, or boots for when it's cooler – it's all fair game. Canvas shoes are practical and easy to clean, perfect for any day.


Alongside your graphic tee, accessories are another way to show off your style. Top off your look with hats, beanies, or straw hats, whatever suits the weather. And don't forget sunglasses – aviators, round frames, or clubmaster styles – they not only protect your eyes but also add that extra flair to your graphic tee ensemble.

Men’s graphic tees are the definition of versatile, letting you play around with your style. Experiment, find what suits you, and give your outfits that personal touch with the expressive charm of graphic tees. The greatest thing about graphic tees is you can wear them in an outdoors setting, casual, or just when you're going out for the night.

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