Flannel shirts, those cozy, soft staples in a man's wardrobe, are more than just your average button-downs. They're warm, comfortable, and if not styled right, a bit tricky to pull off. But don't worry, guys, I've got your back. Here's how to nail the flannel look without looking like you're lost in a pattern maze.

Flannel shirts have evolved from a workman's necessity to a fashion staple. They have transcended their original purpose, becoming a symbol of effortless style. This evolution means flannels are not just for cold weather anymore. Lightweight versions are perfect for a breezy evening after a day of surfing.

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The Lowdown on Flannels

Picture this: you're in the great outdoors, rocking a flannel shirt like it's your second skin. That's the vibe flannels bring. Made from soft-woven fabric, usually cotton or wool, flannels have a robust, cozy texture unlike your standard shirts. They're perfect for chilly days and have a vintage charm with their roots in rugged western style.

Originally flannel was made as a cheap material to wear, but it has become a design to fit with your everyday lifestyle wear.

The Plain and Checkered Debate

Flannel shirts come in two main styles: plain and checkered. The material is the same; it's all about the look. Plain flannels give off an urban, subtle feel, great in shades like charcoal or black. Checkered flannels, on the other hand, are more in-your-face with various patterns and colors. Start with simple checks that match your pants, then experiment with bolder patterns as you get more confident.

When to Wear a Flannel Shirt

Flannels are the ultimate casual shirt. Perfect for outdoor work or just hanging out in jeans and a tee. They're too laid-back for formal settings, though. My go-to? A flannel with dark jeans, no undershirt needed. Just remember, for formal events, leave the flannel at home.

You can wear flannels while working out doors, or even after an awesome surf session. They're even great to wear on dates.

Flannels are not just for casual settings. With the right styling, they can be adapted for semi-formal events. Pair a dark-colored flannel with chinos and a pair of clean shoes, and you're ready for a night out or a casual business meeting.

Styling Your Flannel

Flannels are versatile. Wear them buttoned up with jeans or chinos, or go for an open, more relaxed look with a clean t-shirt underneath. Sleeves rolled up or down, it's your call. A well-fitted flannel should hit just below the waist, perfect for wearing untucked.

Outfit Ideas for Every Style

  • Casual: A gray-patterned flannel with jeans is classic. Roll up those sleeves for an extra cool factor.
  • Smart Casual: Pair your flannel with a jacket for a more intentional look. Keep it fitted and complementary.
  • Red and Green Flannels: Perfect for standing out or blending in with nature. Great for outdoor adventures.
  • White and Brown Flannels: For a more elegant casual look, go with these colors. They're stylish yet understated.

The Art of Layering with Flannels

Layering is an art, and flannels are your canvas. A flannel over a graphic tee creates a dynamic, textured look. On cooler days, layer it under a bomber jacket or a denim jacket for that extra edge. Layering not only adds to the style but also makes flannels adaptable to different weather conditions.

Graphic Tees and Flannels: A Match Made in Heaven

"Flannel shirt" and "How to wear a flannel for men" can't be mentioned without talking about graphic tees. The combination of a bold graphic tee under an open flannel shirt is quintessentially cool. It's a statement that speaks of laid-back confidence and a nod to the surf culture.

Accessorizing with Flannels

Accessories can elevate the look of a flannel shirt. A beanie, a watch, or a pair of sunglasses can add character to your outfit. Even the choice of shoes, from boots to sneakers, plays a significant role in defining the overall look.

  • Wear with beanies
  • Backwards snapback hats
  • Pair it with a nice watch

Oversized Flannels

Oversized flannels are about comfort. Just make sure it's the only oversized item you're wearing. Pair it with well-fitting pants and a graphic tee for a balanced look.

Wearing oversize flannels can definitely be made into a streetwear look. If you're into skateboarding this is something you'll see at skate parks.

Flannels for Different Body Types

Flannels are forgiving and suit various body types. They can be worn loose for a relaxed fit or more fitted for a streamlined look. The key is to choose a size that complements your body type without being too snug or too baggy.

  • Loose fit flannel
  • Fitted cleaned up look
  • Match a flannel with your body type

A Staple In Men's Apparel

Flannels are the epitome of soft, durable, and versatile in men's fashion. Whether bright-colored or patterned, pair them with monotone clothes to avoid clashes. You can wear these with jeans, chino pants, or even a pair of boardshorts. 

The best part is they are a light enough layer to keep you warm, when it the whether get's cooler.


What shoes go with a flannel? Boots, sneakers, or oxfords work well, depending on the flannel and pants combo, or even a pair of classic Vans shoes.

Buttoned or unbuttoned flannel? It's your choice. Buttoned for a neat look, unbuttoned for casual vibes with a fitted t-shirt underneath.

How to take care of a flannel shirt? Wash them in cold water and avoid high heat when drying. This helps maintain the color and texture of the fabric.

 Flannel Shirts, A Timeless Trend

Flannels are a timeless trend in men's fashion. Their versatility, comfort, and style make them a must-have in any man's wardrobe. Whether you're a surfer, an outdoorsman, or just someone who appreciates good style, a flannel shirt is a way to go. So go ahead, embrace the flannel trend, and make it your own. With these tips, you're well on your way to mastering the art of wearing a flannel shirt.

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