If you're looking for new styles in men's surf clothing, then its time to upgrade your wardrobe from MAVRICKS. With the latest styles from designers from all over the world, we got you covered with awesome styles we think you'll love.

MAVRICKS is building an iconic brand to bring the best to surfers worldwide, and create a lifestyle catered to what we love about surfing.

MAVRICKS Men's Surf Clothing Guide 2023

Styles We Offer To Our Customers

We're a small brand, and we continuously are creating new products to bring to our customers. MAVRICKS has high quality clothing that will last you forever. Check out the follow products we have to offer to our customers at the moment:

Men's Graphic Tees

Our men's graphic tees is up and coming with cool new designs we think you'll love. This part of MAVRICKS is fun because we get to make unique designs, and work with designers from all over the world. 

Our inspiration obviously comes from surf and the ocean, but also other cultures we well that embrace the surf lifestyle. What's great is we have a lot of plans to continuously make new designs. We've already had a lot of great feedback from customers that love what we're making, so we hope you do too.

We plan to create sleek graphic tees with incredible artwork that will stop you in your tracks. With limited edition finds, to t-shirts you'll always be able to purchase as we build our brand name.

The Essential Men's T-Shirts

We get it. Not every guy wants to wear a graphic tee. Maybe you want go out and just wear a basics t-shirt. Or just want to go for a casual look without the flashy graphic designs. You like simple and straight forward fashion. 

We came out with the basics t-shirt collection just for guys who like things a little simpler. Maybe you don't want to think about what you want to wear, or just like a more basic look. Whatever the reason is, you can get it in our t-shirt collection

This collection offers soft premium style t-shirts that are super soft to the touch, with a focus on casual fit. At the moment we offer crew necks that feel great, with plans to come out with v-necks, polos, longsleeves and more coming soon.

We use high quality cotton, and the arms are a little more loose for a casual look. MAVRICKS offers an everyday t-shirt 3-pack so that you can save money, rather than buying t-shirts individually. Our t-shirt 3-pack pack was made from our top selling colors that our customers love. So you can get the best colors, and save a few bucks at the same time.

 Men's Hoodies To Keep You Warm

It's that time of year to bundle up. You just finished your morning surf session, and the air is chilly. So what do you do? Grab your favorite MAVRICKS hoodie

Our hoodies are made with extremely soft cotton to keep you warm. Do make sure when you wash these that you wash it on cold, and air dry (if you can) to limit shrinkage. 

MAVRICKS hoodies are perfect to add to your wardrobe for both fall and winter. Or wear them out while scouting out the perfect wave before surfing for the day. We feature hoodies with simple yet cool designs with insanely soft high quality fabric. 

Hat's To Wear Out

MAVRICKS has got you covered when it comes to lids. We offer FlexFit and snapback hats that you can add to your clothing collection. Our embroidered hats are made with high quality stitching, featuring our iconic MAVRICKS logo.

Where them out to a game, in water or just in a casual setting. All around these are amazing hats for a great style.

November 23, 2023 — MAVRICKS
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